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An artsy-fartsy place in New Delhi oft-visited by the under 35 'in' junta.
Hauz Khaz Village (referred as "The village" by the traditional Hauz Khazians as opposed to "HKV" by the noveau H-khazians) functions on the principle of creativity-through-chaos.
The Village's obscure-bordering on-outlandish named rooftop cafes,boutiques and bookshops (Kunzum,Boheme,Ziro,Dzokou,Yodakin to name a few) might not be pronounced by the 'chep' mallrat species.
"The village" attracts a 'cool' clientele seeking an alternative-culture identity.


Person A: I am coming to Dilli.Yay I love Delhi winters.Let's freak out....Let's hang out at Khan.
Person B : No ya...HKV is the place to be.
All cool people who used to hangout at Khan market now chill in "The village".
Added 2012-12-07 by Behenjigaga
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