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The tagline for India's most popular means of transport - The Bajaj Scooter...

The "Hamara" is a lot more apropos than Bajaj probably intended because...

...Unlike the West, where a scooter conjures up images of young fashionistas in their Guccis riding Vespas on Milan's cobbled streets, the Indian scooter is a wondrous child of jugaad, with MummyDaddy, Chunnu, Munnu and sometimes Bunty all balancing precariously atop a wobbling two-wheeler...and still somehow seeming to find room for briefcases, school bags, tiffin boxes, handbags and myriad other items...

...To the Desi on the street, the image of a rotund man perched atop a small pot-bellied mouse like vehicle probably presents a comforting picture not unlike Lord Ganesha on his Steed...


Old Bajaj Commercial:

Yeh Zameen Yeh Aasman
Hamara Kal Hamara Aaj
Hamara Bajaj ...

(This Earth, this sky
Our tomorrows, our todays
Our Bajaj...)

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Hamara Bajaj

\Hamara Bajaj\
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A very popular ad from the eighties for Bajaj scooters.


Buland Bharat ki Buland Tasweer - Hamara Bajaj!
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