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Haji Mastan

\ha-jee mus-thaan\
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Noun. April 21, 2013, Word of the Day


Notorious Afghan gangster (The Notorious H-A-Ji?) & smuggler with ties to the Bollywood underworld in the '70s, famous for the palatial yet abandoned house he owned at the corner of MG Road and Richmond Road, across from Trinity Circle.

The legend of Haji Mastan coupled with the mysterious abandoned house caused him to take on a "bogey man" sort of quality that mothers used to scare eng bai's into doing what they commanded.


Deepak: Whose house is that, da? It's huuuge, oof!
Rohan: That's Haji Mastan's house...don't look too long macha, his bodyguards will thulp you.

Amar: Mummy, I don't want to eat this aloo mattar! Can I have some kheer?
Aunty: Beta, subji khao otherwise Haji Mastan will come for you!
Amar: Waaah. (as he finishes his subji)

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