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You know gupshup and you know chupchaap, the former being gossip, banter, tete a tete while the latter is the very essence of the true Bharatiya Nari who is forever chupchaap in her chosen misery and never indulges in any gupshup ever (right hand turned outward placed at 45 degees on forehead, left hand turned inward at 45 degrees on hip please).
When the denizens of Hyderabad mix and match, like Sari Fall to a Petticoat, what have you Tammudu? OhO! OhO! Gupchup aa? You won't tell aa? Saray Saray Bhalay Bhalay!

Gupchup Sambar Budi! is a Secret Buddy. You are keeping one or you have been stunned into silence. Paralyzed by the wordy wonders of Deccan.

Nai Kya?


Kya hai ki Hussain miyaan gupchup gupchup baataan kar rai, woh potti ka naam kya hai ki...
(what it is? Hussain brother is secret secret talkings doing, that girl name what?)
Gupchup raho jee, khaamakhaan ki General Knowledge!
(shut up please! unnecessary unwanted GK)
Unho gupchup khadee hai baap bichaari kab se, ayiyo!
(she stunned standing poor thing father since long, ayiyo)
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