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Literally meaning "crowd", the term is variously used to signify any gathering of people such as a group, a gang or a class.


Kamakshi: "Di, Minnu, lets go to Star Rock?"
Meenakshi: "Chi chi. These days it's filled with this engineering boys gumbal."

Ashok: "Sriram, you want to go watch Mankatha?"
Sriram: "I am going for it with my office gumbal, macha."
Ashok: "Oh, that Meenakshi will be there, no? I'll also come off?"
Sriram: "Ha ha. You will only put kadalai like this? Or will you propose also? One whole gumbal is behind that figure, you know!"
Ashok: "Dei, what propose-gipose and all. Even if I am late, I will be latest, ok? Mind it."

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