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The only viable and real challenge to the big two soda-warriors in India.
They killed all chota mota soda brands and companies in the country, but they could only catch the loude ka bal or myrrha of this desi trade.
It's an aerated water locally manufactured in a town, having no brand identity, but still very popular with aam aadmi
Goli sodas have a glass marble or 'goli' for a cork/cap unlike the brand sodas.
Usually sold on push carts, the hawker offers you a dozen cocktails and combinations of the beverage, with such spicing as lemon, sweet-lime, black pepper, salt, chilly powder, ginger and many colored syrups and flavors.


On a hot day an hourly limbu 'goli soda' is a mustinshould and compulsory for our jeep driver Chote Lal.
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While contents & recent history can be understood in the existing definition of Goli Soda. It's multifariousness is demonstrated below.

Before we proceed further, kindly note: Goli Soda is the national drink of our Oor.

1.Energy drink - Used for general hydration and also as an energy drink, possibly the oldest known energy drink.
2.First Aid/ORS - If someone puts mayakkam(faints), it is first thelichified(sprayed) on the face and then offered as rehydration solution.
3.Assault Weapon - Once you finish the soda, the empty bottle doubles up as a weapon. In short range combat, a broken bottle can be used as tactical knife, while the unbroken one can be used as a club. As a hand grenade or in aerial assault while attacking the opposite parties from rooftop's. An indispensable in local rowdy fellows & arasiyalvaadis(small time politicians) arsenal.


In the hit tamil movie Arunachalam, a purse snatcher scampers away with the heroine's(rambha's) handbag, she hollers around for help and Bingo! she finds Thala Rajnikanth, apologizes for her crude behavior in the past and asks for help.

Rajnikanth: *asks a nearby vendor*....."Oru soda kudu"(Give me a soda)...

Rambha: "Oh my! The thief's getting away and you're asking for soda??"

Rajnikanth:" Shhh...Goli Soda kudu"(Shhh.. Give goli soda)...opens the bottle and drinks soda in style.

By the time he finishes soda, the thug is almost half a mile away. Boss then throws the bottle which travels like an RPG and before smashing on the thugs head and sending him crashing onto the ground.

Rambha: *excited* "Wow, super shot ya"

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