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Noun. March 3, 2012, Word of the Day


Strange glittery rectangular cuboid that looked suspiciously like cardboard boxes covered with gold paper that smuggler-villains (usually named Robert, Hiralal, Loin or simply "Boss") in the 80s Hindi movies (well after when India abandoned the gold standard but well before the Hindi movie dudes figured that out) were often after.

To this day, the explanation for the shape, its use or utility, or the reason for its value are unknown.


"Theek gyaarah baje, Daawar isi road se niklega... Aur ek suitcase ko uss bridge se phenk ke chalaa jaayega jis me gold biscuits hain."
(At exactly 11 o clock, Daawar will pass through this road. He will chuck a suitcase full of gold biscuits from the bridge.)

NB: Villains in Hindi movies are the most punctual human beings. Sure enough, at 11 pm, on the dot, Daawar will pass by that road.

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