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Full famous song that yeach and yevery eng persons must sing when they vacation in Goa.

Literal Translation : Goa is ours.

What it is meanings : Goa is ours to have mast time ra, we will party day and night here like yanything, and get drunk till we pass out. Mother-fother also not here! Yaaaaaaaaaay!

A very happy-go-lucky tune, this can often be heard on the Goan beaches at night during a beachside barbeque party.

There has been some considerable debate on whether the song Bombay Meri Hai (which is an almost exact copy, notes and all, but changes the name of the place to Bombay) was in fact a copyright violation of the original Goan song, but when you're drunk and happy and full of spicy prawns on a beach in Goa, no one really cares about all that.


The song goes as follows :

Goa Goa,Goa aamchi re!
Goa Goa,Goa aamchi re!

Ladies are nice, gents are full of spice

Come to Goa, stay in Goa,
Goa aamchi re!

*repeat till you fall down unconscious from all the fenny you've been belting*

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