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Sea-side destination for many a happy reveler and vacationer, New Year's or at other times, with a tawdry underside.

Goa is a tiny pear shaped relaxed state on the west coast of India. It is a place where B grade Bollywood movies have a nasty orgasm (read climax).
Dirty dancing and inane drug deals happen here unsuccessfully, thanks to Goan police and the protagonists which are likes of Govinda. All people here are drunkards with tooth brush/charlie chaplin moustache and prefer to talk anything gibberish but konkani which is the local language. People here only sell fish or drugs. All russian tourists in Goa act for free in hindi movies and talk english if they are promised that their voice wont be dubbed and the promise is kept intact till Tom Alter agrees to dub for two russian girls(which he usually does). All the fighting takes place on the beach with an obdurate sun not willing to set in the backdrop.
Note: for factually correct information google "goa" or visit goa. Goa is nothing like what is been depicted in Hindi movies.

Source: I am a Goan.


Go Goa!
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