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Punjabi dance that is traditionally danced only by groups of women, to Punjabi folk music. Requires deft movements of the foot, and the folk songs more often than not depict a story. Each young lady takes turns to dance a solo, and the giddha ends when the last one has had a chance to move it in style.

Unknown to most, bhangra was traditionally a male dance, while giddha was it's counter part for the ladies to shake a leg. Bhangra has long since become gender-neutral and famous, while giddha is still limited to the villages of the Punjab. Think of a desi version of the Spice girls, dancing and singing at the same time in bright salwaar kameezes with gusto, and you pretty much have it.


Giddha is most often danced at traditional Sikh weddings, especially during the Mehendi ceremony.
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