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Meaningless activities which are not providing any benefits. The Hindi expression translates as follows: "To let the donkey graze in the farm, you will reap neither fruit nor sin."

The word paap means sin; punya typically refers to the karmic benefits reaped by a lifetime of good deeds (and is worthy of its own entry, since it is a distinctly desi word).


Used generally when somebody trying to solve problem with no idea of how to approach it. Work carried out without any knowledge is like donkey work which will not reap any fruit. It will be a waster of energy.

"Arre, Arun yaar, want to be a writer? Then stop your timepass and honour your editor's deadlines. Ghada charya khet, na paap na punya."

*Arun sighs quietly and goes back to the drawing board, humbled but adamantly not a donkey.

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