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Hardcore Delhi underbelly, very well organised and nasty as hell. You drive around Delhi and be like man Dilli is actually damn green! so nicely grass is growing and trees everywhere and all. But then you notice, grass is growing out of stuff it shouldn't be! And not even actually growing, but just placed there and when they die they are replaced. The bleddy ghass mafia has Dilli by the tatte, they just go around placing grass and trees where they shoud not be like on road dividers and footpaths and all.


Idiot from Bombay - Hey man, Delhi is so green ya! You are so lucky to be living in like the best city in India, my own city sucks, but it is good that now your city has overtaken us in every sense and we are just left with bollywood. But now all bollywood pictures are also shot in Delhi only, I get that, because obviously it is the best city in India, far better than Mumbai. And it is great that you guys are not idiots to change your name to some gay pronunciation! I wish I lived in Delhi and not in Bombay/Mumbai/Bumbai.

Dilliwala - The thing is we are not insecure about our identity so we don't have to do that mi mumbaikar stuff. But yeah man we got this ghaas mafia running around planting grass everywhere they find a spot!

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