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A holy book, "Geeta" often is the short form of Bhagvad Geeta, literally the "Song of God" in Sanskrit. Consists of the unveiling of Krishna's divine insights to Arjuna, amongst many other things.

-A girl's name.
-Not Sita. Sita is Sita wonly.
-One, you would readily put your hands on, but desist from marrying because somehow you think that too many people have put their hands on her (people often swear on the Geeta by putting their hands on the book).
-An ancient lie detector device, so ancient that it has stopped working. But film directors need them. They always use things ancient when their khopdi's do not work well with the modern,
-You have always had one, The same one your father had.
- Your son too is going to have one. All for the same reason: Keeping one; not using.


"Mi, Geeta per haath rakh ke kahoonga, ki mi jo kuch bhi kahoonga, sach kahoonga....."

(I put my hand on the Geeta and say that whatever I say will be the truth...)

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