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The preferred dwelling of Expatriates, foreign returns, NRI's and occasionally an Indian. The term refers to a community that has walls surrounding it (usually high), a gate with security personnel surrounding architecture of indeterminate origin though similar to US suburbs in some regards on occasion but depending on the builder, hints of the noveau riche, spanish, catholic and protestant schools of architecture, sometimes all together. Gated communities allow for commiseration, complaining, community, escape and protection from the world outside the walls.


Outside the walls usage
kid: Our cork ball went inside the gated-community, what to do?
kid 2: Leave it, or the Alsatians, barbed wire and gurkhas will get you.

Inside the walls usage
Expatriate: Just yesterday the maid squatted on the toilet seat with disastrous consequences, then came out asking for a dipper. What is this gated-community coming to?

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