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January 20, 2013, Word of the Day


There is no other park in Bangalore which better captures the ethos of local college boys (especially those who nurture a proclivity for cracking their jokes and schemes over the reefer leaf). This one-acre composite expanse of children's play-area, nursery, walking path, sacred mini Nandi-bull mount and general verdure, was initially christened Mango Dell Park, after the type of trees grown here and the colonial British planter who facilitated such. But perhaps the fact the Park runs over a matured sewer, ensures that the "grass" is always greener here, and so the vast variety of varsity pot-puffers who claimed this land as their own, retitled it Ganja Park. It is a name that endures into legend, despite the valiant attempt of Puravankara and Co at trying to revamp the space and smother their name across its peripheral walls. As a distinguished resident of a flat overlooking the Park, I eternally have my head in the clouds... of Marijuana smoke.


Don't ask anyone where Rest House Road is, or where Puravankara Park, or BBMP Park is. Just exclaim, "Ganja Park" and the directions will come thick and fast and specific.
Added 2013-01-06 by Tino Lobo