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Padhaku and chasmis choot bhagats are the likely candidates who always make it to the list of "frustrated one sided Lovers association". How hard they might try to impress that baju wali item, gaon ki gori or side cabin ki rosy still their dreams of one nights with their Pamela Anderson end up with apna hath jagganath. These kinda people have been observed to be very happy at the morning of Valentines Day, but end up facedown at some local theka or TASMAC by evening. This species is known to collect every sort of weird stuff thrown by their lau interest and is allergic to a festival known a Raksha bandhan !!!


Dhondu : dai macha what is that red cloth that you are smelling from evening ??
Pungi ram : arre this is Chameli's hanky da, u know i lau her so much.
Dhondu: stop acting like the president of frustrated one sided lovers association. If her father comes to know about this, then u will end up with a danda in your gaand.
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