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The war of words that break out between gaming enthusiasts on the discussion forums on various gaming sites.


Shubhankar (to his big brother Pramath): Bhaiyya, aaj maine craziefrazie39 ki game kar di. Remember him?
Pramath: The one on IGN?
Shubhankar: The same!
Pramath: What exactly happened, little Shubhankar?
Shubhankar: He got into an argument with me, COD v GOW. He was all for GOW, and you know that I also like GOW, but there is nothing to beat COD, right?
Pramath: Hmmm
Shubhankar: I asked him why he preferred GOW, and he said that the graphics were really nice on PC. So I told him, its just not about the graphics, he should look at all the major major aspects.
Pramath: Hmmm
Shubhankar: I told him that even if he looks at graphics, he find them good on PC, for GOW, but COD graphics are superb across platforms, XBox, PS3, PC...And, then you know what? He called me a gizmo gandu! (giggles) And I said that he was a graphic whore. (laughs)
Pramath: Oh! Did he? You know, this gizmo gandu thing is also listed on samosapedia.
Shubhankar: You checked samosapedia? Mama told us not to. I will also check now.
Pramath: Hang on, hang on. I am 19. So I can do whatever I want. You are only 15. So you may gather your knowledge from me. And. This discussion is about your forum war, Right?
Shubhankar: Yes.
Pramath: See, there is nothing wrong in being a gizmo gandu. That gives you exposure to several platforms and your judgement about a game is more objective. However, everything is wrong with a graphic whore. Shallow people and they are just pleased by the graphics. Now take the case of Wii, the graphics are so plain, but the game play! blah, blah, blah, blah.... Coming to your forum war I think you are the winner today.
Shubhankar: Thank you, bhaiyya.
(It so happened, that while the discussion between the two game freaks was on, their mother, Anjana, was passing by and she managed to overhear certain parts of the erudite discussion.)
Anjana: (anger rising) Pramath, Shubhankar, what were those G and W words you people were speaking? And Pramath, you went to samosapedia? pee_mmm, pee_mmm, come here, NOW.
pee_mmm: Yes my love?
Anjana: See what happens when you tell your sons freely about samosapedia. Just look at the words they were using.
pee_mmm: But what either samosapedia or me got to with their language, Anjana? For heaven's sake, they are 19 and 15, and I am sure they know all these words already, with no particular help from me on samosapedia.
Anjana: You are absolute limit! I am sure that you will leave no stone unturned in making them just like you...
pee_mmm: whoa, whoa, whoa, What exactly is wrong with me?
Anjana: Look at your language, And please, for the last time, stop corrupting the mind of my sons. You are mad!
pee_mmm: Two points. Firstly, they are my sons too. Secondly what happened to my being witty, intelligent, humorous etc?
Anjana: Get lost.
pee_mmm: As you say. (start walking).
pee_mmm: I thought I will put in some more entries in samosapedia...
(Pramath and Shubhankar, who were watching this exchange between their parents, burst into laughter. Anjana, after looking at them sternly, joins whole hearted in the laughter.)
Anjana (to her sons): This man, your father, is a regular joker.
(It transpired that Anjana is also a fan of samosapedia.)
Samosapedia saved the day.
(It also transpired that Shubhankar and craziefrazie39 were banned from IGN forums for 48 hours for using objectionable terms like gandu and whore.)
(The above story is based on a true incident.)
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