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In India, you don't get honored, you get felicitated. Your beggars aren't beggars, they are mendicants. Your criminals aren't just criminals, they are known depredators (see KD). And they aren't just hiding, they are absconding (see Absconding culprits nabbed). Regional problems have fissiparous tendencies and if you have a dude chilling in the forests and doing goodal on a national scale, he is a "forest brigand." A quaint phrase that has now become inextricably linked to Veerappan, the king of KD's, father of all brigandage.


"Days after the notorious forest brigand Veerappan was shot dead by the Special Task Force in October 2004, a senior IAS officer in Tamil Nadu had reportedly expressed fears about the likelihood of a successor emerging, according to partial extracts of a US Cable released by Wikileaks."
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