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Ever since the Sub Continent has been free, those buggers have been trying to destabilize each of these poor countries. Not so much now as they used to do till the 1990s.

Foreign hand was and has been responsible for much of the assassinations, terror attacks, kidnappings, rapes, agitations, train accidents, hijackings, graffiti, rising food prices, plane chrashes, lower standard of living, garibi, traffic jams, current going off, phatta condoms, earthquakes, heavy rains, no rains, no fish in the seas, sex scandals, floods and all.

The leaders in all these countries have shown exemplary quick and efficient intelligence in finding foreign hand behind all those dastardly acts. Foreign hand has slowed down doing all this, but it does rear its head now and then in the 21st century. Although all the gorements of South Asia have been afflicted by it, no one has been able to catch it.


Repoter - Netaji!! Netaji!!! Saar!!! Saar!!! Sirji!!! Sirji!!! Why all this?!

Netaji - Dekhiyay, meri baat suniyay, iske peechay jaroor foreign hand hai. (See, listen to what I say, behind this surely is foreign hand)

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