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Foot path is for the mango people to walk on. People below that live on it. Usually used to describe the poorer sections of society. Also used to describe loafers.


Woman 1(piching her nose, walking on the road): What is this? All this biharis come to Keralam, living in the footpath, making this place dirty. Why dont they go back?

Woman 2: Aiyyo Jose-echayyan will become paapper if he has to pay malayalees. Let them stay.

or also as

Elderly Engle: No! You cant marry him. He is C/o Footpath

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Originally intended for what it was in the rest of the world, it is used for various activities in these parts of the world. We as a people were not used to footpaths (or roads for that matter) before the angrez imported them into the country, so we got full hyper.

During the day the footpath is where shopkeepers set up shop selling anything and everything, by night it transforms into one awesome open bedroom for the junta.


Mummy - Beta Pani! Go down na and get 15 kgs karela from the sabjiwala on the footpath, please. I have decided we are only going to eat karela from now on because some baba on tv said it is what we should do.

Paneerselvam - No! mummy no! I want to eat tikka paneer peeja!

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