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Foot Board

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Noun. January 4, 2012, Word of the Day


The steps of any bus are called foot board and the place where many of us have spent so many hours traveling on. It was/still is considered the "in" place to stand after boarding a bus. Naturally, standing on the foot board carries with it great risk. Of death. Or dismemberment. But such is life in our thriving urban cauldrons.

The weak have to stand inside while all the studs (and wanna be studs) traveled on the Foot Board.

It is also used as the diving platform to exit a bus traveling at 20 kmph or more. Accomplished footboard surfers can board or get off a bus at fairly high speeds - even when bus is turning and there is no bus stop.

Make sure there is no loose gravel when you jump off. Not good for balance.


Mother to son: Please dont stand on the foot board because you may fall.
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