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The only profitable businesses in Indian malls. Contrary to popular belief Indians do not go to malls to shop, they go there to eat at the food courts.
With the lack of any significant public spaces added with the brutal weather, malls have emerged as the ek number destination of choice and food courts the ek number choice in these malls.
Food courts are cheaper than restaurants and conveniently desify diverse cuisines, so yes you can be adventurous and safe while ordering a taco and getting a mumbo roll instead.


Sunita - Let's go out for dinner no?

Lakskmi Narayanan - Yes, I've heard Trishna from Bombay has opened a branch in Delhi. Let's go there.

Sunita - Uff! No ya! Let's go to a food court, I want to eat raj kachori with paneer sizzler.

Lakshmi Narayanan stares at his toes in dismay.

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