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Choreographed, synchronized Dancing.
Why the hell didn't anyone tell us about this earlier?
We, us Indians excel at this, we thrive on it, no we live for synchronized dancing. See every Bollywood or South Indian movie.
Flash mob fulfills every porki persons inner long lost dream of being a back up dancer in a Bollywood song.
And the world kept this from us till 2011?
You wait and watch we will overdo this whole thing in every city of the world from Bombay to Calcutta to bleddy Auckland!


Repoter - Team Anna has threatened to do a flash mob in front of the High Commands house if the Government does not put a stop to this extreme cold weather.

Rajesh - Dude! I have an idea, let us do a flash mob with that song Why this kolaver di and put it up on YouTube, we will be only the 6234517th video on YouTube about Kolaveri!

Mona - oooooohhhh, yous so orIginal!

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