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Means what it says exactly. This is a reference to the first show on the opening day of a movie release to the junta.

Can be used as a abstract noun without the need for a preceding indefinite or definite article.

For major stars in Bollywood, and always for Rajnikanth, first day first show is treated by the fans as an act of reconfirming their faith in their hero. Therefore large crowds, pushing and shoving, and various kinds of tamasha ensue. Police bandobast is often required.

For anybody who wishes to judge this behavior as being in poor taste, the standard defence is "What to do saar, we are like this only (WALTO)"


A: "Did you hear that Rajnikanth's new move is out?"
B: "Yes I did, we are lining up 6 hours before to get tickets for first day first show."
Added 2011-07-03 by Kannadoggy