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Although officially it stands for the periodic 'fitness certificate' you get for your automobile at the RTO (Karnataka's DMV) when you have to spruce up your clunker to look fit even though it may not be even roadworthy, by superficial upkeep and touch up with cheap paint, the slang is in reference to your visit to the barber shop on a Sunday very soon after you got your monthly pay and afford, all or at the least 3 of the following sevas: hair cut, shave, trimming of eye brows, armpit hair, a scalp massage, chiropractic treatment to your neck, and must-and-should (mistaken as mustinshould by some buggers) end the only self-pampering left in your life with hair color to your hair with tell tale evidence of that process in all places around your crown except as those visible to you in the mirror thereby letting the whole world know you are a fake.


Gundu: What yaar, you got your FC today. You look bindaas. You must buy me RC( Royal Challenge whiskey ) today.
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