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Southern accent applied to the made up word "fastly". Quickly. Rapidly. Promptly. Like a bat out of hell.

Can be heard within groups of engineering/science students in Bangalore, especially when scurrying to class to be in time for the all-important attendance taking ritual.

Also much heard during lunch hour when empty tables in the canteen are more scarce than ondu plate idli-vada in the Sahara, and grabbing one requires a certain swiftness. Gangs of waiting college students will fan out and prowl among the seated like panthers in a cage, waiting to pounce on any table that's suddenly free.


" Ushoo! It's time for princi's English class. Fawstly, fawstly you come I say! If we're late, forget attendance, he'll give us TC only ra!!!"

"They're getting up. FAWSTLY you should jump in the seat!"

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