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Term used to describe the fall from grace experienced by many a public intellectual and celebrity figure (see Opariah, brownface) and the inevitable collective chastising/samosa-izing and brouhaha that follows.

Derived from the recent 'lapse of judgement' displayed by Mr. Fareed Zakaria where he acted like a real buddhu plagiarizing someone else's work. If he did this in school, we would have taken up the refrain of Copy Cat, Kill a Rat, Sunday Monday, Eat Your Rat. Now we shrug, perhaps immortalize him on Samosapedia and wait for the next celeb foible to unfold because, information after all, wants to be Fareed!


Sofasadhu1: Did Fakaria Zuck up?
Logonathan: Thats a spoonerism!
Added 2012-08-29 by Dishoom Dishoom




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