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First Aid Box. A slim, rectangular, red-painted, metal box just behind the bus driver in all buses in India.
There must be a regulation somewhere that says every public transport vehicle shall have one.

It's hard to understand why anyone would abbreviate such an important thing. On second thoughts, does it really matter?- in most cases the little boxes are anyway empty and useless.

They could be actually injurious than help.
Yes, they sure are designed with sharp corners, as if meant to hurt or even break the nose of the poor passenger sitting directly in front them, every time the driver suddenly brakes. And take it from me, sudden braking is the most favorite way of braking with most of our bus drivers.


(Prathama Chikitsaa Peti)
{or its equivalent in the vernacular}

Usually if the FAB has anything in it, it is made thief-proof with a heavy padlock and so, the injured can not use it in a real emergency. If it is break-the-glass type, the glass is already missing but the sign mocks at you.

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