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Emperor's New Clothes. Originates from the fairy tale with the same name written by Hans Christian Andersen. Used for a person who even though has no clue but participates in a discussion or agrees to some one else's opinion to appear that he knows. Much like the protagonist of the fairy tale, the king who is duped by the tailors who claim to make him an invisible fabric and succeed in doing so thanks to the pretense of his own subjects.'s_New_Clothes


Raga: Yaar that bugger Porky said he's cracked the Donnie Darko website.
Lom: What bullshit. And you believed him. I asked him the password for the second level and he looked at me as if I was talking Greek.
Raga: Musn't have wanted to share it with you.
Lom: Balls. ENC.
Raga: Hmm . . . could be. In fact it is ENC because I remember that bugger being in sick-bay the day that movie was screened.
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