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Euphemism for Shit, Faeces Helu(Kan), Kukoos, ghoo that runs not only in sewers, the charandis, and dots side walks and the conservancy on the backsides of the rows of houses in many South Asian towns. Source could be human or pet or feral.

A parallel flow(I mean of expression) exists on most South Asian tongues, Kenda(Kan), Angar/ey(Hin) etc. for example.
Imagine your grandfather took the six-year-old you for a morning walk in the outskirts of your little town.
You, a young curious kid never walk watching where you put your steps, more interested either in the chirping birds on the trees or in the stray dog or a street urchin depositing fresh maal morning morning or simply absorbed in some anything other than the walk.
Your grand father warns you every 10 steps or so about the embers lying on the path right in front of you.
You wonder. You have always trusted grampa. You look around expectantly for the smell and smoke raising from a hot burning coal dreadfully before putting your next step down. No embers!.

Once grampa explains to you what he meant by the word he used, you walk the rest of the way grinning ear to ear admiring grampa's smartness all the way home, and thinking nobody knows like grampa knows.

Nevertheless your reach home repeatedly stepping on those same embers grampa warned you about. Once home, gramma cleans your feet and chappal all the while cursing a stupid grampa for not being careful about the sweetest child on the planet.


Bevda staggeres home in the dark of the night. Biwi has learnt to tolerate the stink of daaru, but not YET the stink of embers the bevda drags home smeared to his juta each drunken night.
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