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Also egg ticket

In College hostels, students use ET's as cash-free currency for egg items in their mess.

Egg tokens are typically sold in booklets of several perforated stamp-sized tokens ususally in pale-yellow, -blue, -green colour with red or black stamped numbers/dates and some other identifier (to prevent forgery).

Said booklets are purchased with pocket-money or paid for by parents in the hope that children would get suplemental nutrition on top of mess food.

Students are expected to hide these booklets in their rooms and carefully tear out 1 or 2 of these per meal to be exchanged with mess boy in return for alf-oild or omlette.

(The cleverer ones simply bribe or blackmail mess-boys to serve them eggs for free or have these secreted and served late or direct to their rooms, for free)

Egg-tokens are seen as signs of affluence when they are freely given away to close-friends. Others connive to sit next to someone who would share when asked nicely.


Ramesh: Machan, lend me 2 egg-tokens da, I'll give it back tomorrow.
Mani: Fuk off da, you still owe me from last time.
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