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Dukra mass

\Dhoo-kra mass\
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The mother of all that is holy food for any Karnatak-ian. It is a must for every Southerner to have tried dukra mass or your life is incomplete. Fun facts include:

1) If a Goan/Mangi had to choose between Sridevi or dukra mass, they'd pick dukra mass (with a bucketload of sannas)
2) It is also the only food item that disappears the fastest than any of the food shtuff available in a wedding/roce.
3) Duh-kra mass has health benefits: it gives you a 110% fat content, has lots of cholestrol and if you have it with booze, expect to live the susegaad-life.
4) Every 9 out of 10 uncles will admit they love having "adult talk" with dukra mass by sitting together with/without lungis. The other uncle happens to be hogging up all the dukra mass in the kitchen.
5) Dukra mass is the epitome of how well your Mangi/Goan woman makes food in general. If a woman doesn't know how to make it, she's an alien for sure.
6) The amount of bafat powder added into dukramasssolution is directly proportional to people content with it. However, expect noobs to say: "Baari teek lagla, gon!"


Aunty 1: What special did you make for Christmas?
Aunty 2: Tu pishe lagla, gon? The only special we make is dukra mass.

Your conventional Mangi uncle: Arey Sylvie, (real name is Cecilia but origins of how it became Sylvie are unknown) maka bari jaonk asa! Tu dukra mass randlei, gon?
Your conventional Mangi aunty: Maka bari taank asa! Gaadwa, tuka dukra mass randlein gutu na?! I vaant to see my serial now.

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