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The word has two distinct meanings. Its double meaning makes for another favorite exposure tactic for a Naughty Indian Uncle(NIU) who is always on the look out for an opportunity to do things naughty.

1. Dresser. Pull-out type cloth closet or cabinet.

This drawer holds bras, the bodys, chaddis, medicines, combs, panches, towels, rainy-day savings, condoms, porn magazines, love letters, site documents, marks sheets pesticides, hairpins and more. Naughty Indian Aunty(NIA) stores a whole Walmart in it.

2.The male underwear, usually the size of a boxer short, striped also known as 'patta patti chaddi' in Kannada.

Many orthodox older males wear that rather than the kacha brief. Rarely readily available at the store, it has to be gotten stitched to your size.


NIA to NIU who is stealthily hiding something in the dresser but caught in the act: "Drawer thegiree adenu nodbeku"
(Open the drawer, I want to see what is it in there)
NIU to NIA unraveling the undies: "Hu, nodko, muvaththu varshadindaa nodthaaney idiya!"
( OK, take a look. you have been seeing it all these 30 years!)
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