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Let me put it this way: your pancakes are a derivative of our dosa :)

Dosa is made with a rice & urad dal batter. This batter is spread on a heated tava or pan with the help of a large round spoon. Ghee or vegetable oil is generously drizzled along its circumference to prevent it from sticking to the tava. (Oh the heavenly aroma of the dosa sizzling in ghee...mmmmmmm! It had you runnning in from the street where you were playing lagori with your friends, & eating the hot-hot dosa straight off the pan, remember?)

Ideal accompaniments are chutney & sambar! Also tastes awesome with any South Indian chicken or mutton curry.

A Masala Dosa is the plain dosa's slightly more entertaining real brother. It's a (usually) large, crisp dosa painted on the inside with bright red chilly-garlic chutney, stuffed with a spicy potato sabzi & folded over. This is then served in a steel plate with bowls of coconut chutney & sambar.

Finger-lickin' good!


'A' for Ayyayyo
'B' for Bablimas
'C' for Chaddi
'D' for Dosa!
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