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Noun. July 7, 2011, Word of the Day


Writer and blogger Kuzhali Manickavel suggested we look at everything Doordarshan did as "experimental". It's brilliant, because only then do we realise how extreme those guys were.

Think about it. Weeknight programming featuring a man in a loincloth pushing rubber tubing up his nose and pulling it out of his mouth.

Two cloudy spermatozoa circling each other to the soundtrack of a wailing dirge, before coalescing into a shimmering oneness.

Deeply strange German competition called Telematch that stopped just short of dwarf tossing. Russian wolf saying, "I'll get you, rabbit." Excellent (and I mean it) animation about national unity featuring squirrels and butterflies.

Music programming where the camera always focuses on the muscian who *isn't* performing at that moment, and is usually picking his/her nose or brushing away sweat from brow.


"I went to the MOMA finally."
"How was it?"
"Doordarshan was better."
Added 2011-07-05 by Minkey Chief

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Not available for inspection; gone away


RTO Inspector to Satnam Singh: "O sardarji, where is the truck you are registering?"

Satnam Singh: "Voh to doordarshan mein hai, sahab."

RTO Officer: "Theek hai. Sau rupiya jyada lagega."

Added 2011-09-09 by Bimawala
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