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Typical screener question asked by landlord to unmarried women looking for paying guest accomdation.

The desired answer to this question is "No/Never" .
The presence of boyfriend/s in a female tenant's life is assumed to make her charecter less-respectable,hence a liability to offer accomdation.


Colleg student: I'm looking for PG.I have heard you give your Barsarti on rent.I'd like to have a look.

Landlord:What is your name?Where are you from?What does your father do? you have any boyfriends?

College girl: Uh.. my name is Shanti.I'm from Bareily.My dad's a doctor.And of course not,I don't have a boyfriend.Just because I'm staying away from family doesn't mean I'm loose.I'm traditional with modern outlook.

Landlord: So nice,beta..Go see the room and let me know when you want to shift.

College girl (checks room,leaves and calls boyfriend) : Sweeetie.. I loved the Barsati.You can climb up easily and cuddle with me. Though the landlord was an asshole..He started asking 'do you have any boyfriends?'.Asshole, I tell you

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