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Indigenous name for Delhi,the capital of India.
Various theories have been floated with regard to the origin of the word.
Some state in Persian 'del or dili' usually indicate cordialness, warm heartedness,love, etc.
Some believe that the name is a corruption of dehleez (Persian: دهليز) or dehali (Sanskrit: देहली) —both terms mean 'threshold' or 'gateway'— and symbolic of the city as a gateway to the Gangetic Plain.

Dilli dilwalon ka shehr or Dilli Dilwalon ki meaning Delhi belongs to the large-hearted/daring is a popular tagline for the city.


Bombaywallah 1:I love Delhi in winters! Dilli ki saardi is mind-blowingly.Pity Bombay has the same weather all year long.

Bombaywallahs 2 ; Whateva!I can't stand Dilliwallahs so rowdy,unruly and aggresive.
There is no place like Bandra in the city

Bombaywallahs : Wha?You were born and brought up in Delhi.It has only been six months since you shifted to Bombay.

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New Delhi.
Old Delhi.
South Delhi (aicchhhhh)!!!!.
West Delhi (Bhest Delhi).
East Delhi.
Rape Capital.
Delhi in English.
Deh-li in Urdu.
Dilli in Hindi and Punjabi.
National Capital Region according to the gorement.
National Capital Territory also by the gorement.
Some even consider Haryana to be delhi.
It is not a city nor a state. An in-between.
Some call it a collection of villages.
Has extreme weathers and a strong immigration culture making it a truly Indian city. So there are punjabi, sindhi, bengali, bihari, madrasi, chinki, african and tibetan ghettos among others.
It is also the city will most roundabouts, most things are gol gol in Delhi, from the Parliament to the India Gate circle and to the way the Government functions.

Other mammoth like ungli-ready cities of India have changed their name to their "original" names when they had perfectly normal names like Bombay, Madras, Calcutta and Bangalore.
No, the ungli-readies had to go with ridiculous pronunciations of those names and rename them Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkotta and Bengarurururururuluru or something.

Delhi is confident enough to let people call it what they want and logical enough to know that people who speak different languages will pronounce words differently.


Prafool Ghaati - So cool na? I have so much more confidence after we changed that God aweful name Bombay to Moombai!!

South Indian Madrasi - Now that we have changed our name to Chennai they will stop calling us Madrasi! high five!!

Boshidapua Bondhopadya - Hain? Bomboiyas and Modorosis already changed their names? Amiiiii bhi change korbe!!!

Sassibarrapaa - Bengalarurururluruluru sounds so much more normal than Bangalore, right?

Dilli guy - Fucking idiots.

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