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Convert anything non-desi into desi.

Like; convert available stuff wherever you are to suit your peculiarities of taste and habit.

An adaptative process sustained since from prehistoric periods in South Asia making that part of the planet an ever-alive kaleidoscope of a civilization.

Desification is the ability to synthesize and produce a convenient and acceptable thing or practice out of an unacceptable or alien or even intolerable thing or practice, and making it our own.

Simply put, the only way of turning horror into fun is to desify it.

A desifier is a black-hole of an organism, who knows how to devour and digest anything and everything and reach nirvana.


Didn't that land desify Huns and other Mlechas, Mughals, Persians. Black skins. And brown, and yellow and white?.

Were Chillies, tamatar, beans and coffee desi until we desified them?

What are Pants, hair-cuts, briefs and bras and IT? Alien?

Isn't hybrid wash desification and wouldn't the bum washer and the WC commode be too?

Those of you who are NRIs can now expect some real every-day desification tips from this contributor and hopefully from other samosapediacs! On Samosapedia. That is if you love being like this only.

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