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Pejorative phrase meaning "damaged goods". Also referred to as Painted and Dented by those unfamiliar with gujjris.

Apparently a way of describing any woman who is not a sati savitri and who therefore must be a ultra-fast POMO chick of some sort. Though why one would compare ladice of any type to used goods is beyond comprehension.

The term is perhaps derived from the "make-up" that needs to be applied before selling a "banged-up" gaddi on the second-hand market. Imagine buying a "lightly used" Yezdi for sale in a chor bazaar. The chalu seller hides the dent with the paint and with a straight face say it's first class and jugaad-free. Such must be the attitude of any woman standing up against the excessive bandobast in Delhi today. Whattey naansense, I say!

Popularized by our very own Pranab da's very own Bangla son: Abhijit Mukherjee, one can also say it refers to the anachronistic and chauvinistic Uncleji ideologies that passes off as cultural leadership in India today.

With specimens like this as prominent netas and law makers, it may just be time for aam aadmi put on a monkey cap and pray to Hey Bhagwan for this world to end.

For more action-oriented junta types, kindly do the needful and join up with like-minded types like Society of Painted Dented Ladies of India, one of whom has responded to the cant and rubbish.


You can check out the woriginal at approx. 0:56 in this video.

Or read the translation below...

"What's basically happening in Delhi is a lot like Egypt or elsewhere, where there's something called the Pink Revolution, which has very little connection with ground realities. In India, staging candle-lit marches, going to disco - we did all this during our student life too, we were students too - I know every well what kind of character students should have. Those who claim to be students - I can see many beautiful ladice among them - highly dented and painted - they're giving interviews on TV, they've brought their children to show them the scenes. I have grave doubts whether they're students, because shundoris of that age are generally not good students."

nb: The Pink Revolution was not in Egypt but in Kyrgyzstan, no?

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dented and painted

\dain-taid and paint-taid\
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usually heard in conversations at an automobile workshop, new meaning now given to the phrase by a Bengali politico who also happens to be the Indian President's son. With thanks to Abhijit Mukherjee MP - bunch of westernised Indian women who despite getting dented by water cannons still paint themselves with lipshtick and protest against the good upstanding Indian police force who will do all they can and more including lathi charge, tear gas, extort, deal body blows, etc., to protect the good women of India from getting raped.


Overheard in Kolkatta chai dukan adda -- that Obhijeet MP, baap re how he can say ladies getting dented and painted?
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Terms referencing this

categorical denial, Pappardelhi
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