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Death by Chocolate. By far the most popular ice-cream concoction at the legendary Corner House. An absolute winner amongst all age-groups luring people with its challenging nomenclature.


Battu: Dude, ask Raga to join for us for dinner before he leaves na.
Lom: That madcap just devoured 2 DBC's in front of me. I don't think he'll eat breakfast also tomorrow.
Dabba: If flights were any faster he'd have packed one of those back home.


Raga: Oh boy I've heard a lot about this Death by Chocolate. I bet that you can't polish off 2 of those.
Lom: Bring it on machaa.
Raga: (to Snooty Uncle at Corner House counter, who has the look of someone who has invented ice-cream or stole it from the Gods for us lowly mortals) 4 death by chocolates, please.
Snooty Uncle: (doesn't respond)
Raga: 4 death by chocolate, death by - ice-cream, ice-cream
Snooty Uncle: DBC, you mean.
Raga: (monosyllabic approach at a repartee)

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