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Dabur lal dant manjan

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Dark red colored tooth-cleaning powder. Dental hygiene staple of pre-Independence India, although still widely in use. Instructions:
a) make an inverted fist (knuckles facing the ground), then pop out the index finger
b) Place a teaspoonful of the 'dant manjan' on the outstretched finger and carefully proceed in the direction of your grin.
c) Massage the incisors, gums, and premolars with the finger until your mouth fills up with the reddish brown slurry. First-timers shouldn't get carried away with massaging molars as it may quite easily trigger a gag reflex.
d) Spit and rinse mouth with water. You'll never have to visit a dentist again. Ever. Its even better if you're cool with red teeth.


Ram: Dabur lal dant manjan is the reason I'm still single
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