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Phrase. August 31, 2011, Word of the Day


Quite literally, the cycle gap is the exact amount of space between two vehicles (say a big fat amby and a big fat truck with the Horn Ok Please imprimatur) on a busy Indian street to allow one cycle to feel josh and whiz through.

However, like jugaad, the term is a metaphor
for an indigenous brand of opportunism seen all over India where people see a little sliver of hope and are able to convert it into pure jadoo!


"My cousin was here last week, looking to sneak through the proverbial “cycle-gap” in the hallowed doors of TCS, CTS, Wipro, Satyam and Infosys which would make her the financially pampered, mentally tortured, socially showcased, BIG 5 IT professional."
Added 2011-07-12 by Dishoom Dishoom

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Cycle gap bridges the space time continuum and could mean two things. 1. The space between two vehicles a cycle often zips through in Indian traffic conditions, sometimes with great danger to the cyclist especially when its two lorries roaring down the road, driven by Punjabi drivers 2. the time it takes to zip through the gap, which is very short and requires skill .


Iyer: Hey how long will you take for your coffee break
Iyengar: Cycle gap ra
Added 2011-07-31 by porkipaya
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