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Although it has fallen out of flavour (sic) in the western world due to their penchant for pornography, this conjunctive tool is still widely used in desi contexts to suggest the merging of any two things functioning as one (which is gently suggestive and rather apt, if you think about it)


Sibbi: Dai, how come that Mallya fellow can be bankrupt and still flying around in helicopters and seeing all the World Cup matches and all?
Sid: Macha, he is a magnate-cum-politician, this hand that hand like that only... some goodals and all he'll do and push through.

Ramu: Seetha, I am going to Chickpet. Need anything? Dabbas? Rope? Varnish?
Seetha: Ayyo, yes, please get one mixie-cum-hairdryer. Aunty has been eating my head!

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