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A "cultural festival" organised by colleges and universities in India. These feature quizzes, debates, writing, art and music competitions, concerts and a ton of other events including JAM, Mad-ads, Dumb-C, 20Q and Whose Line is it Anyway?.

Cul-fests, especially at all-boys' institutions, are fondly believed to hook-up events. Even in co-ed colleges, it's one of the few times that the boys and girls get perm to travel out of station together.

Cul-fests at legendary all-girls' colleges are like the opening of heaven's gates, and eng bais everywhere get nearly breathless with the anticipation of being able to legally enter these secretive institutions.

Well-known cul-fests include Mood-i or IIT Mumbai's Mood Indigo, BITS Pilani's OASIS and JIPMER's Spandan.


"What are you taking part in at the cul-fest?"
"Nothing man, I'm just there for the chicks."
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