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Adding an entry for Cricket in Samosapedia is like designing an exhibition for Futbol in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona. But someone's got to do it.

Cricket is a gentlemans' game. Cricket is athletic. Cricket breaks for brunch, lunch, tea, and dinner. Cricket can last from 4 hours, through a whole day, to 5 days. Cricket is strategy, team spirit, and individual glory. Cricket is in the wrists. It's in the footwork. Cricket hero adulation is supreme. Cricket is in cursing the hero's through the TV screen while belting coffee and pakodas from the comfort of your drawing room sofa. Cricket is in the nets. It's in dedication.

Cricket is global. But it holds a special special place in the desi heart. It's one of the heartbeats on the street. It does not discriminate. Pot bellied pumpkins can play cricket. Little toddlers with plastic bats too. Cricket terrain is multifarious: a T-junction outside your house, a neighbours' driveway, the park, the verandah, a mud tank or maidaan (field), a woven coir matt rolled out or a well prepared and manicured pitch rolled on with just the right amount of grass to make it interesting. Cricket is examining the pitch condition and mulling over the outcome. Cricket is a new deep red leather ball that everyone in the gang must touch and admire before the friendly inter-school match begins. Cricket is the number 1 team in the universe losing miserably at their best game format. Cricket is pretending to change the squad depending on the weather. Cricket is throwing the game for the payoff. Cricket is an entire nation partying on the streets after a World Cup Win.

Never change the game.


"Oy, what's the score?"
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