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Noun. August 18, 2011, Word of the Day


If you weren't playing dark room when the current went off or gully cricket or watching Giant Robot on Doordashan, then the most obvious form of timepass was making crank calls. The reason why "prank calls" were called "crank calls" continues to mystify.. The phone book provided 1.6 million options for people to call.

Calling people with unfortunate last names like ladoo wallah and asking for laddos was a tried and tested crank call. Crank calls ranged from PJs like the example below to impersonating a condom salesman from Moods and asking probing questions about ones sex life....


Caller: Dear Mister Srikanth, I am calling on behalf of [insert fridge company from the early 90s] ...Is your fridge running?
Mr. Srikanth: Yes?
Caller: Then go catch it! Hehehhehe (impish laugher ensues)
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