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Counter Shot

\Countrrr Shot\
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A quick, inexpensive drink at a roadside bar counter. The etiquette involved in a counter shot -
1. Stand by the bar counter that faces the road and order for a 60 (ml), 90 (ml) or a quarter of rum, whisky or brandy.
2. Mix the drink with water off a plastic jug. Ice, soda and other mixers are not recommended.
3. Ask for a handful of kadlepuri (puffed rice) or kadlekai (peanuts), or a dab of uppinkai (pickle).
4. Down the drink in two, or a maximum of three gulps while briefly pausing between gulps for a bite/lick of the aforementioned snack.
5. Pay and leave, the whole operation taking not more than 10 minutes.


Come off da, we'll put off one counter shot before going to college/office/home.
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The act of standing and drinking in a Bar/wineshop at the counter where the drinks are stocked.
This is perhaps the fastest way one can buy and consume can buy a pack of peanuts or kara chips or pickle or even get free kadlepuri to go with the enne.
This a common scene in Bars/wineshop across Bangalore,
specially after 5pm in the evening.


Babu:Maga its Radha miss class after short break.
Raju:woh! is it...then must put counter shot
Babu:yes yes, Karthik Bar or Swathi wines
Raju:Swathi is closer
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