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Absurd pedagogical methodologies for teaching little tuition going mugpots math, science, language (see PCMB) etc. deserves a whole section on Samosapedia. If you thought practicals were impractical, then let me introduce to even more futile and sisyphean exercise called "copy writing."

For up and coming grammarians, we have wren and martin but for imparting second language skills, there is copy writing.

It involves incompetent Kannada/Hindi/Insert any language here teacher (just promoted from being PT master) who would dictate paragraphs verbatim from a language textbook while students would write down verbatim what they heard.

This was how language was taught. An even more absurd variant of this exercise is "copy writing homework" which is typically done in solitary confinement and involves copying words from the language text book into your copy writing book!

If you combine the time and collective human intelligence lost to SUPW and copy writing and put it to good use, I am 99.99% sure that India's GDP would triplicate!


Oh fish man, current came back I have to finish my copy writing homework before tomorrow or else i will get kolted by Deepak Xavier our Kannada master
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