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Fascinating, simply fascinating! A biting rhyming mnemonic to chastise the wicked who doth cheat on tests, exams, kuizzes, class exercises, lab experiments, mock exams...

And even those lowly insects who emulate the behavioural habits of the admired and the cool. Imitation as the sincerest form of flattery be damned.

As a schoolboy we are most unperturbed by shoutings, pastings, and tightslaps, like red paan spit off a pedestrians back. Yet, somehow, constraining the natural habits of felines with a weekly schedule chills us to the core. Heads hang in shame with the hollow vibrations of the dreaded rhyme in the classrooms, corridors, and playing fields...


Lobachevsky: "Doctor, doctor, I have it! Finally! An indisputable solution to the Riemann Hypothesis."
S Ramanujan: "Ayyo, what I say! But I have just solved it now only as you were extending your notes to me"
Lobachevsky: "Copy cat, kill a rat, sunday monday, eat your rat! You dirty Erode scoundrel..."
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