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A person who attended a school whose name begins with "St.". This person fultu speaks thope English. Chances are that this person is awkward around people of the opposite sex because of the propensity of the "St." schools to be girls-only or boys-only.


You are convent-educated only no?can't you read what is written on the board?"NO CHANGE".
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a term used to describe anyone who was educated in a convent school.

In modern India, where children were bought and sold for marriage through the newspaper, a girl's chance of a wealthy match improved sharply if she had been to a convent. The scramble gave a new word to the language. A matrimonial ad in the Sunday papers, after describing the bride-to-be as very fair, beautiful and homely (meaning house-trained), clinched the business with convented. Naturally, convents multiplied across the country, most without the trace of a nun, and one of them named, memorably, BLONDIE CONVENT (I. Allan Sealy, Trotternama)


South bangalorean: Those convent educated girls seem to like to wear sleeveless and minis
Cantonment Bangalorean: Stop being such a kaat
Added 2011-07-06 by porkipaya